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Dedico began to identify the need to optimize corporate websites.Our primary focus then and now is to give online businesses the maximum exposure doing their business using World wide Web.Dedico is a friendly site always incorporate the content optimization,the image optimization,HTML code optimization, link structure optimization,key optimization as well as the creation of the sitemap. Our professional dedicated to the SEO web design will reinforce your site with pure designing skills,CSS and HTML compentency,the news section and RSS feed,the development in the pure PHP,CMS,wordpress,Drupal and joomla.The site creation is done by keeping in mind the distribution plans,syndication creation as well as the blogging strategies if necessary.
Our Analysis
  • Content writing
  • Site ranking
  • Page ranking
  • Video creation and updation
  • Your company’s primary goals
  • Your current targeted keywords
  • Any prior SEO work done
  • Any submissions to search engines or directories
  • Listing of all domain names being used for your websites
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